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Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching is designed to help you find your way toward meaningful, positive life change. With mindfulness at the center of this coaching approach, Sue can help you move from intention to action in bringing about the positive changes that you desire and deserve.


Create Your Schedule

Initial 90-minute discovery session

Follow-up 50-minute sessions

Virtual and in-person options available

Our Work Together Will Include: 

Initial Discovery Session

We will explore your health from a holistic perspective, including your nourishment, physical activity, quality of rest, relationships, work/life balance, stress, and home and work environments to see what needs attention and rebalancing.

Personalized Health Plan

We will use an assessment tool (Current & Desired States Questionnaire) to help you identify a short- and long-term personalized health plan grounded in your individual values.

Coaching Sessions

We will focus on specific goals and their importance to your vision of optimal health. You will develop concrete strategies towards achieving these goals and work with obstacles in your way of attaining greater health and wellbeing. Sue will offer structure, accountability and support as you move towards your goals. We will use reporting, exploring and a consistent commitment to action to move forward.

•Personalized health planning

•A structured, supportive partnership

•Assistance in recognizing and overcoming barriers

•Motivation for making important life changes

•Resources to inform health behavior decisions

•Support for turning plans into action

•Accountability to ensure that new behaviors stick

•A foundation in mindfulness for determining all future actions

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