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- New Book Release -
Meeting the Moment with Kindness:
A Practical Book That Will Change Your Life

Given the state of the world these days, many of us are asking: Can anyone (everyone) learn to be wiser and kinder? Meeting the Moment with Kindness offers a resounding yes, as well as a roadmap for cultivating seven aspects of mindfulness that can help us access our inherent wisdom, stability and compassion.

"A wise and inspirational guide for new meditators as they embark on the path of a more mindful, openhearted and joyful life!" - Tara Brach, Author of Radical Acceptance and Trusting the Gold  

"Instructive and transformative for our times, this is a clear and compassionate must-read for those drawn to the path of mindfulness. Explore these practices and you’ll be better off for it!" - Devon Hase, Co-Author of How Not to Be a Hot Mess 

Publication Date
October 2023
ISBN: 978 1 80341 328 0

About the author

Sue Schneider, Ph.D.

Medical Anthropologist

Integrative Health Coach 

Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Sue is a passionate educator, coach and mindfulness practitioner. She is excited to share Meeting the Moment with Kindness, a practical mindfulness guide for individuals of all ages and life situations. Her teaching and writing integrate the science and art of mindfulness and illuminate pathways for exploring our inner landscape as a means to bring clarity, calm and heartfulness into our lives and the world. 

As a medical anthropologist, Sue has spent the last two decades exploring how diverse cultures pursue health healing on the individual and collective levels. She has worked in university settings for over 20 years implementing and evaluating community health programs, most currently as Extension Professor and State Health Specialist with Colorado State University. 


This is Sue's second book. Her first book, Mexican Community Health and the Politics of Health Reform, explored the lives of health promoters in Mexico and their pursuit of women's healthcare alternatives.

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What Sue Specializes In

Integrative Health Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

Group Mindfulness Training

Mentoring Coaches and Instructors

Mindful Writing and Book Coaching 

"We wouldn’t be human if we could live an existence of perfect ease and tranquility. But what mindfulness teaches us, and what we can experience when we practice in earnest, is that we have a strong, steady, reliable core that we can return to regardless of the waves in our lives. And in the midst of chaos, there can be calm."

- From Meeting the Moment with Kindness

"I thank you for all you've taught me and shared with me, and for your warmth, authenticity, and friendliness. You have been the BEST meditation teacher and I hope to join you again soon."

Sande I.

"I can't express how appreciative I am for your wise and skillful coaching. You have provided me with helpful tools to pull me out of depression and isolating behavior and I am forever changed."

Janet P.

"Thank you for bringing together a lovely group today. I came away more centered than I've been in a while, and with a feeling of connectedness I've missed. I'm truly looking forward to the next time!"

Clare F.

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